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Project details
A loft apartment in Milan
design Barbara Patrizio | Design Lab
The project regarded the restyling of a loft designed some years ago in a strict minimalist style.
After years of "living in a fridgidaire" (to use the client's own words) the owner of this loft wanted to add a touch of softness, colour and kindness to the austerity of the space, but without major renovation.
The goal was achieved first by redefining the functions of the different areas of the house, that, despite their size, were pretty vague in terms of spatial feeling: therefore a new dining area was created, with its own lighting and the existing dressing room area was completely redesigned and became a small lounge.
A careful study of colours, lighting, furniture and materials was carried out in order to emphasise warmth and personality in the environment; that's why we can assume that the greatest value of this project is in the details, more than in a single, strong concept.

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