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An attic conversion in Milan
design Barbara Patrizio | Design Lab
This flat is an attic in a recently built building; if low ceilings may be considered a drawback, two terraces give plenty of light to the interiors. The project aims to optimize the functionality of all areas by means of a more balanced planimetric distribution and by exploiting the existing natural light.
The living area, i.e. a wide living room and an open-plan kitchen, has been clearly separated from the bedrooms in order to give more functional meaning to the whole and a more precise definiteness to domestic pathways.
The peculiar quality of the available light is emphasized by means of a careful selection of materials, finishings and colours: the floorings in natural oak, light and neutral in colours, are matched to a colour scheme based on dove-colour shades and a limited set of greys, in order to identify different functional areas, thus giving them a specific personality.

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