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After having designed the renowned Cocoon Maldives resort, LAGO has renewed its collaboration with leading international tour operator Azemar to bring its designs to the crystal clear waters of the Maldives once again, as part of a project offering the very best in catering and hospitality.

The H2O underwater restaurant is a showstopping venue set below sea level, launched as a new mouth-watering attraction at the You & Me by Cocoon resort in Raa Atoll.

A unique culinary experience on the international restaurant scene

The highlight of this project – in addition to carefully curated interiors by LAGO and the spectacular experience of dining underwater in the Maldives – is the Michelin-starred cuisine presented by Italian chef Andrea Berton, awarded a Michelin star at his Ristorante Berton in Milan and another at Ristorante Berton in Lake Como. Immersed in the untouched beauty of the Indian Ocean, here you can find a place where Italian cuisine and food culture and the quality of made-in-Italy design come together.

The walls and ceiling of the restaurant are formed by vast glass windows, welcoming diners and capturing the magic of this incredible place, offering 360° views of the coral seabed.

The furniture for the venue has been tailor-made by LAGO to adapt to the restaurant’s unique context and replicate the style of the Cocoon Maldives resort. To give the space a light and airy feel, tables from the Air collection have been chosen. They stand, almost floating, on subtle glass supports and feature hand-painted ceramic tiles.

Deep dark colours dominate the arrangement, used for both the tables and the Dangla chairs upholstered in Grafite leather. They evoke the shades and tones typical of a marine environment, accentuating the underwater feel of the space.

The result is a relaxing, romantic oasis, which sits in perfect harmony with its natural surroundings. Guests are almost able to touch the fanciful dream of living underwater. This designer restaurant is one of a kind, submerged in the outstanding natural beauty of the Maldives.

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