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Loft FD
design Federico Delrosso Architects
This is one of the wings of the former textile workshop in the same courtyard in Biella, where some years earlier a block had been converted to accommodate the Studio Delrosso. One of the key features of this studio apartment inhabited by the architect himself for a while is the swivelling partition. On the ground storey the single well-lit space is partially divided along one side by a cordon of wooden partitions that enable selected sections to be closed off, such as the kitchen, which is coralled behind two sliding panels of waxed iron. This moving partition idea is repeated upstairs on the mezzanine, where the balcony-style night section is bordered by large panels hinged at the middle that allow variable spatial flow or closure on demand. These partitions work like scenery flats in an ever-fluid setting, while doubling up as display surfaces for artwork. This show/hide system generates an open and flexible environment that is equally expressed in the walls separating the bathroom from the corridor, created by two wardrobe units, and from the bedroom: made of glass, they are only partially frosted. As in other projects by Delrosso, here too the staircase offers a graphic motif that is discreet in its functional aesthetic. A generous natural light breathes through the space via wide windows and the skylights set into the roof.

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