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Ester's apartment
design Bruzkus Batek Architekten Partnerschaft
Architect Ester Bruzkus’s apartment is a really clever project. This large light-filled home is based on a simple concept: bathroom and kitchen in a service core, the rest of the space is open plan, separated by floor-to-ceiling folding screens in timber. This allows the owner to form secluded spaces, even in such an open plan.
The kitchen counter is in statuary Carrara marble, which also clads the built-in alcove in the modular storage.
The bathroom is housed in a black cube which opens onto the bedroom and the entrance. Cladded in large statuary marble tiles, the bathroom has a mix of old pink lacquer furniture and concrete floor - this results in an elegant, refined space.
Balconies are higher than the internal floors and run the entire length of both facades. The raised floor continues indoors as a platform for almost two meters, this allows you to form space for the bedrooms. Inspired by traditional Japanese homes, the bedroom is slightly raised from the floor, decorated using warm materials: oil finished oak floor and wall cladding in the same type of wood as the folding screen.

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