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The new QC Terme wellness centre is nestled within the picturesque frame of the peaks of Mont Blanc, immersed in nature to create the perfect conditions for renewing body and mind. More than 3,000 square metres with more than thirty stations, creating a multisensory journey that offers the optimal alternation between hot and cold, water and land.

The experience is completed in part by a stunning alpine lake, adjacent to the centre, offering an opportunity to escape the everyday and pamper yourself with personal care, total relaxation and sheer joy. The feeling of wellness and harmony is amplified when you enter the reception area thanks to the LAGO furnishings, their lightness and materials a perfect match for the environment, creating a unique feeling of comfort.

The play of light, gentle suspensions and charming marriage between wood and glass lend shape and continuity to the experience of the centre, a place of dreams. Nothing is left to chance, every detail was carefully planned to let emotions flow and facilitate relaxation, which gently fills clients as they move among the Air sofas and bookshelves.

QC Terme Chamonix Mont Blanc is the perfect place for taking a break from the frenzy of everyday life and enjoying design with a special, unique view of the Bossons Glacier.

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