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The G house
design Carola Vannini Architecture
This is a pleasant renovation of a period apartment right in the centre of Trastevere, Rome. Without altering the internal layout, the apartment was turned into a refined minimalist space: the kitchen was moved into the main living space which opens onto the other rooms. Large windows bathe the space in lots of natural light. The parquet flooring in bleached oak gives visual continuity and brightens up the space even more. And what's more, furniture materials and colours were chosen to be in harmony with each other. Under the white concrete kitchen counter, a strip of Leds lifts this monolith from the ground and makes it look lighter. And above the kitchen sink, a second lighting strip hidden by shelves enhances the old brick wall, which was uncovered during the renovation project. In the study, back-lit Plexiglas panels hide built-in storage, which in turn increases its perspective. The small roof terrace can be seen from both the living space and gives further visual continuity. The living space is complemented by a small bathroom cladded in white resin. The two bedrooms come with a master bathroom (cladded in white resin) where lighting strips along the floor and wall brighten up the glossy white fixtures as if they were sculptures.

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