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Project details
design Freisberg Wohnbedarf, photos: Olivier Gambier
A portable home: a versatile and modular space which can be customized to a great extent.

Born from an increasing need for flexible living and working spaces, Box is a new prototype for a portable home. Inspired by a modular system, interior designer Torsten Ohrnberger designed a portable home which can be used in a variety of different ways: workspace, apartment, studio (adjacent or indipendent) or even a boat house. Box can be scaled down or up and taken down and rebuilt on another site at any time to suit individual needs and space requirements. This prototype in Mannheim is 65 sqm large and was constructed on the rooftop of an abandoned factory. It has an open-plan layout with free-flowing spaces: living room and open-plan kitchen are in the largest area, while bedroom and bathroom are behind a central partition wall. Refined and elegant, light-reflecting white furniture and lacquered white timber flooring contrast with two partition walls in blackboard paint which can be freely customized.