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How can one furnish spaces dedicated to tradition and local food and wine culture in a contemporary style? Agrishop and Agrilab, the two new additions to LAGO INSIDE designed with Collisioni, combine design, culture and flavour
Our aim is to transform design into a network that fosters new exchange and activates new connections, creating a deep relationship between spaces and people. To celebrate local food and wine culture and traditions, at the Castello di Barolo, a fascinating historical site in the Langhe, one of the culturally and visually most interesting area of Italy, we worked with Collisioni Festival to create Agrishop and Agrilab, two new permanent spaces in the LAGO DESIGN NETWORK.
In partnership with the City of Barolo, the Region of Piedmont and the staff of Collisioni, we designed and realised the interiors of two spaces dedicated to narrating agriculture and the territory, inspired by the nuances of Barolo.

Agrilab and Agrishop were designed to foster encounter and sharing: the key words on which we founded our expanded vision of design, a tool that can bring positive change to the way we live in spaces.

Agrilab is a space dedicated to serving food and hosting events. Spread out over two floors, it is a perfect spot for dinners and tastings. The palette used for the furnishings echoes the colours of the vineyards – brick, straw, clay, coconut, powder – and the nuances of the wine, picked up in the 36e8 storage and the colour of the walls, which make the space warm and welcoming. The Air bar counter in Wildwood complements the square Air tables, which are paired with Dangla chairs. The Weightless Lagolinea shelf has been arranged to look like a bunch of grapes and frames the stairs leading to the lower floor.

In an adjacent room, we furnished the Agrishop, a space that promotes local food and wine. A single room dominated by pale colours, it is furnished with angular Air Shelves, Wildwood Air benches, Air tables, Dangla chairs and a pastel-hued Lagolinea composition.

Using the same palette chosen for the Castello di Barolo, we also decorated an area of the Torino Caselle airport dedicated to relaxation, choosing upholstered seats and an Air sofa for the space.

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