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Located in the historic city centre of Como, a new designer apartment features a vision created by LAGO, in collaboration with the respected interior designer Andrea Castrignano. Castrignano is the creator and presenter of the Italian television home makeover programme “Cambio Casa, Cambio Vita”, which featured the apartment in Como in an episode aired in September 2019.

The unusual renovation project involved the redevelopment of a real-estate unit spanning around 140m2 to create two separate apartments, along with a few communal areas.

LAGO deployed three of the distinctive features of its design style – modularity, lightness and suspension – to redesign the spaces of one of the two new apartments.

As part of its efforts to refresh the 50m2 space in the first apartment, LAGO opted to shy away from all aesthetic excesses in its choice of furniture, instead focusing on bringing a light feel to the spaces and conveying an elegant, modern and simple design philosophy.

The open-plan kitchen and living room, bedroom and bathroom come together to create an apartment bursting with personality, where light and colour are used to great effect.

To ensure the 36e8 kitchen didn’t overpower the living room, the decision was taken to match it to the colour of the walls, helping the kitchen to blend in and integrate with the rest of the space.

In the living room, several iconic LAGO design pieces from the Air collection were chosen to lend a light, airy feel to the space.
The Air Sofa, Bookcase, Table and Side Table – with their supports in transparent glass – are combined to elevate the vision of a unique, innovative lifestyle.

In the bedroom, the eye is immediately drawn to the fibreglass wall with wallpaper in shades of blue, which complements the materials and colours of the kitchen, creating a sense of dialogue between the two areas of the apartment.
The Air Bed, with its tempered glass legs, helps to heighten the light feel, while the doors of the N.O.W. Wardrobe – also in glass, this time coloured – bring a sense of absolute calm to the bedroom.

The use of transparency and lightweight design of LAGO’s furniture is again apparent in the elegant bathroom, where the Depth Basin combines the warmth of Wildwood with the playful surprise of the transparent glass bottom.

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