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Appartament CVE
design DZ4
The renovation plan of a two level apartment situated on the 7th floor of a 270 sq. mt. and 8th floor with 45 plus a 200 terrace, involved the redistribution of the space in order to obtain a large open space where different situations find place: tv, reading, dining and a relax area. The cardinal element of the project is the helical two –toned gray and white sheet metal spiral staircase that articulates the space. Installed in the center of the living room and in line with the corridor of the sleeping areas it connects to the upper floor where another living area is positioned. The creation of large windows on this level allows visual and physical integration with the existing roof garden built on terrace. Particular care has been taken in the choice of floors using planks of solid oak 3 cm. thick, of large dimensions handcrafted. The material of the wood almost raw (natural processed oil) is in harmony with the minimal pureness of the environment. Chromatic connotations are bestowed upon the use of colored furniture. A combination of red was used for the living room space interacting with a range of grey tones that recalls the color of the staircase and yellow was used for the attic – roof garden.

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