Sag ’80 Arredamenti Milano (MI) (IT)

SAG’ 80 Arredamenti has been a key player in the market for over 30 years. Since then, in their original headquarters of via Boccaccio in Milan, SAG’ 80 offer a vast range of services to their clients: they oversee and support every stage of the selection process according to each client's specific requests, take care of the planning, which is always perfectly tailored to the specific size and spatial orientation of the client's home, move on to the sale stage, and finalise the crucial installation stage.
Every day inspiration from the most remote corners of the world gets closer to us and comes to enrich our homes, blending effortlessly with our culture and lifestyle. As the world changes and evolves, design and furniture continuously grown and develop. With an eye on the changing cultures and trends of the big wide world out there, in our showrooms we celebrate novelty and the latest trends brought forward by the leading designers. A meeting point of fashions and trends in design and furnishings, we offer a winning formula which allowed us, SAG’ 80, to be a major international player in this field.

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