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Galbiati Arreda IN STILE,a concept boutique that open its doors on December 15,2012. The 14.000 sq.ft. showroom carries everything you need for a contemporary and comfortable home. Located in the heart of lifestyle hub, One Island South, Galbiati Arreda IN STILE presents a premium range of Italian furniture, kitchen, home office and decorative items. Willy Chow, has partnered with Maurizio Galbiati over the past 10 years to furnish exquisite and designer homes. Galbiati's family name is an established Italian firm that offers premier brands of products to its clients. Galbiati Arreda has been a renowned shop since 1994 and it is the only furniture shop in Milan that is recognized as NEGOZIO STORICO by the regional government of Lombardia and the BOTTEGA STORICA by the Milanese government. Seeing the opportunity for a one stop shopping experience, Chow has brought the Galbiati name to Hong Kong, from concept to showroom, in less than a year. Carrying a comprehensive catalogue of furnishing items, which includes over 50 leading Italian brands, Galbiati Arreda IN STILE's selection will bring both modernity and warmth into the home. A number of Italy's finest will be showcased in Hong Kong for the first time. All furnishing items are made of the highest quality and environmentally friendly material, with exquisite craftsmanship as well as an emphasis on durability and comfort. A collection of up-to-date and trendy products with a classic twist, allows both professionals and homeowners to find unique items for their projects and home. With a vast range of real estate in Hong Kong, these premium products have been specifically handpicked to accommodate both houses as well as studio apartments. Galbiati Arreda IN STILE provides an easy and comfortable shopping experience that is second to none. Customers located in Hong Kong, Macau, China and Singapore are accommodated with an extensive and personalized after sale service - which includes but is not limited to delivery, installation and servicing.

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