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Frattali Rome (IT)

Since the 1960s Frattali have been a leading name in research, design and furnishing cultures in Rome.
Thanks to their dynamic and multi-talented staff they made themselves a key player in the market by providing an impeccable service to their clients, as well as taking care and following their projects from design to installation.
No wonder, then, that the Frattali brand equals design prestige and excellence at a national level.

Mon: 16.00/20.00
Tue/Fri: 9.30/13.00 - 16.00/20.00
Sat: 10.30/19.30
Closed: Monday morning and Sunday

Via Cassia, 1803 - Roma
tel.: 06/30890378 - fax: 06/30893814
Opening times:
Mon: 15.30/19.30
Tue/Sat: 9.30/13.00 - 15.30/19.30

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