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Store Concept: home inspiration
Specialized in high-quality design furniture and equipment, Cardini Home Design is a large and elegant showroom that, famous even beyond the national borders, and one of the leading names of their sector.
The showroom has become well-known in more than forty years of activity, and is a reference point for a demanding clientele and offers a suggestive panorama contemporary furnishing.
A creative laboratory for new ideas, new trends and, above all, the search for new ways of living.

Area of taste
In its own showroom Cardini represents places of everyday life with particular attention to detail. Not only furniture but also parquet, coatings, plasterboards, lighting, fabrics, curtains and accessories. This is how various home environments come to life: Contemporary home; Decor home; New Classic home, Green home.

Ideal shop
In 2013 a jury of qualified experts assigned the prestigious national award ``Ideal shop`` to Cardini home design . An important recognition for a shop that expresses itself at the highest levels with quality proposals within a global project of interior design.

Professional services
To choose between the different furnishing proposals the customer is assisted by a team of experienced design consultants with different specializations aside. The highly qualified architects and interior designers also offer services for interdisciplinary solutions of interior design, renovation and turnkey. The company has also a carpentry for the realization of custom-made furnishings.

Specialized areas
A peculiarity of Cardini Home Design is the division of the exhibition space in highly specialized areas: in the large showroom of Perignano you have a flagship store of Poltrona Frau, a corner Flou, a big kitchen centre, a well supplied space of cabinets.
Other topics are.: Abitare il Giorno (residential), Vivere la Notte (sleeping), Spazio Ragazzi (children's bedroom), gli Oggetti del Desiderio (wishful thinking), Intrecci e Trame (home textiles), la Cura di Sé (Wellness).
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Additional services a carpentry for the realization of custom-made furnishings; a team of highly skilled architects and interior designers offers also services for global projects of interior design, renovation and turnkey.


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