AD Dal Pozzo Grisignano di Zocco (IT)

AD Dal Pozzo is a well-established and recognized reality among the élite of the international operators in the world of design. AD dal Pozzo sells a wide set of products for home and office: from the modular or custom-made kitchen, to living room, bedroom, bathroom and indoor and outdoor lighting.The interior designers who work in AD Dal Pozzo always make innovative choices which allow AD not to be confused with the common offers of this market. All its showrooms have their own identity by showing the most qualified brands of the furnishings world. AD Dal Pozzo offers many services to satisfy the needs of a market who is more and more exigent. Innovative materials, the best brands, constant attention to the novelties of this market and an excellent service turn the client needs into reality. Service of planning and assembly join design of high range to the logistic and structural needs of the client. Our philosophy : Giving a touch of style and elegance to every environment. Proposing furnishing solutions of high range. Combining elegance, quality and prestige through the design and the technology of the best brands. AD Dal Pozzo represents the perfect union, being able to satisfy all the needs of his clients, from the planning to the assembly, by offering an after-sale service with an elevated quality. Stock products website available by clicking on:

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