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Marco Carini Interior Designer
Marco Carini was born in 1968, graduated as an interior designer at the Institute of Furniture and Interior Design IPIALL of Cremona and opened his own business in the 90s. He makes his own the motto of Mies van der Rohe ""I do not want to be interesting, I want to be good.""
Its architecture is a way to turn in poetic the flow of life, that sometimes is prosaic.
In his work he reads the daily desire to find the right recipe, mixing the best materials and most suitable ingredients. Each project is tailored and designed to meet a specific need, listening to customers, metabolizing their needs and rearranging spaces in a harmonious way.
The interventions of architecture and interior design include houses, commercial space and offices.
Marco Carini also creates elements of design like lamps, tables, carpet for companies and private clients.
Over the years has been responsible for design of the showroom Porro, consultant of lighting projects for the company Davide Groppi and now he works as a Senior Consultant with Studio Bestetti e Associati of Milan.
Marco Carini Interior Designer

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House F

House F project by Marco Carini Interior Designer

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House T project by Marco Carini Interior Designer

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House L project by Marco Carini Interior Designer

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House N project by Marco Carini Interior Designer

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