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Pergola Shibuya by Unopiù

Shibuya® is the first mobile pergola in the world. Thanks to its wheels it has revolutionized the very principle of the structure by introducing the concept of dynamism. It is composed of two cubic units that offer various levels of mobility and flexibility, adapting to any requirements. It is possible to purchase a fixed unit that can be anchored to the ground or a mobile one with four wheels, or two units (pergola plus extension) with six wheels. In the last case it is possible to extend and move the pergola wherever you might wish. The structure is in aluminium powder coated in matt white or matt graphite and has blockable pirouetting wheels. The mobile version has 10 cm diameter wheels suited to any type of terrain. There are also blocking brackets for safety during high winds. The pergola can be completed with various types of roofing and can be enhanced with microperforated side blinds (40% polyester coated with 60% PVC) in hemp white.


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