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Radiator Step-by-Step design Alberto Meda, 2018

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Radiator Step-by-Step

by Tubes


Step-by-Step has a solid aluminum body with a surface that is divided into pleated elliptical modules. The viewer’s gaze determines its beauty: from his point of view, perspective changes the shape of the object. Games of light and shadow evoke different emotions each time. The superimpositions are pages of a book leafed through delicately and give a vibrant sense of movement. The heater can be installed individually or one next to the other, thus creating four possible configurations. The modules can be oriented, in fact, both to the right or both to the left, or in two opposite directions, which if multiplied with the heights available, make it possible to twenty different combinations. In addition, thanks to its limited size of just 7.8 cm from the wall, Step-by-Step is suitable for enriching confined spaces, gaining space. Technology is present but entirely hidden. Not even a careful and lateral look can reveal visible technical components such as supports or fittings. Step-by-Step is a clean, thin, linear object, which lies gracefully on the wall, in an absolute formal cleanliness. Heating takes place either by irradiation through direct heat exchange, or by natural convection through the hot air circulating from the bottom to the top. Step-by-Step is available in hydraulic, electric or mixed version, which combines both technologies. Step-by-Step is naturally suitable for the bathroom thanks to the addition of its accessories. The towel rack and hanger allow the support of towels, bathrobes, towels, integrating harmoniously with the design without forgetting the practical needs of everyday life. Both accessories are available in coloured, glossy chrome or satin chrome. Step-by-Step is available in the colours: Marrone Rame Raggrinzato, Avorio Raggrinzato, Bianco Raggrinzato. Grigio Alluminio Raggrinzato Grigio Antracite Metallizzato Raggrinzato and upon special request, in all the available colours in a matt finish. Step-by-Step won the German Design Award 2019 under the category Excellent Product Design Bath and Wellness. Step-by-Step won the Big See Product Award 2020.

Produt details refer to the picture

Radiator Step-by-Step


Width 55,6 cm

Height 180 cm


Extruded aluminium
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