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Lamp Giravolta design Basaglia A. - Rota Nodari N., 2017

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Lamp Giravolta

by Pedrali


Inspired by the old lanterns, Giravolta is a wireless rechargeable lamp with a contemporary design, ideal for the outdoors. In it’s name lies it’s essence: on one hand the swivel shad, on the other the fact that it’s rechargeable, here the reference to Alessandro Volta’s invention, the battery. Two plastic discs, the base and the led shad that rotates up to 360° degrees and directs the light, are the principal elements of the lamp. An arch in extruded aluminium, painted to match, wraps them becoming a comfortable handle. The illuminating body surrounds the led card, the lithium battery, the USB port for charging and the start button. Available in three different heights: 330mm, 500mm e 1300mm. As an option a magnet on the base that makes it able to secure the lamp (heights 330mm and 500mm) an metal shelves, even on the wall; a cast iron stabilizing mass on the base guarantees stability even in the highest version. Materials: plastic injection moulded discs; white polycarbonate shad; arch in extruded aluminium. Colours: white, black, beige, yellow, orange and sage green.

Produt details refer to the picture

Lamp Giravolta


Diameter 15 cm

Height 33 cm


Polycarbonate and aluminium
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