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Table Tense by MDF Italia

Table with a resin single matter finish, in black colour. Thanks to its ability of keeping in tension it can reach very large sizes. Made in 23 dimensions, also available in version equipped with one or two cable holding shutters and cable holding trays. Covered top, both on plan and edges, by acrylic sheet and white rock minerals. Steel legs, with structural rod, can also be covered by a white acrylic resin sheet. Tense table collection, designed in 2008 by Piergiorgio and Michele Cazzaniga, is introduced in different finishes and colours. Tense is available in two versions: matte white, acrylic resin and rock minerals, one colour in black, dove grey and matte red, acrylic resin and Morematt.


Width 300 cm

Depth 100 cm

Height 73 cm


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