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Collection Carácter by Marazzi Ceramiche

Carácter is the first Marazzi collection made with the antibacterial Puro technology, a manufacturing process which enables to make ceramic surfaces 99,9 % bacteria free in whichever light and environment. The porcelain stoneware collection has a modern stone effect designed for covering and floorings of indoor and outdoor environments. Soft to the touch, distinguished by the anti-slip Stepwise™ solution, Carácter is made with 40% weather resistant recycled material. Available in the shades White, Greige, Mix Beige, Mix Gris, Mix Multicolour and in the Natural, Matte or Outdoor finishes. Proposed in the 30x60, 30x90, 60x60 and 60x120 cm formats with Quad or Waltone units.


Porcelain stoneware
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