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Desk LT40 Vanity by Lema

Vanity is a wall element suspended from a panelling which hides an LT Frame halo perimeter placed between two sides of the wardrobe, crowned by a closing top. Vanity is a multi-purpose environment, a charming place to put on make-up or a discreet alcove for smart working, keeping up with the new dynamics of home environments. Enriched by a small shelf and a pocket emptier, Vanity hides a power outlet to charge laptops and electric devices. Proposed in the finishes Walnut L, heat-treated oak and matte or polished lacquer. Can be equipped with a hanging drawer and a beauty basket closed by a flap upholstered in leather; its interior boasts a mirror and eco-leather partitions. LT40 is a highly customisable modular system of containers and wall pieces available in four configurations: floor, sideboard, wall-mounted and panelling.


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