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Wardrobe Ellevi design Officinadesign Lema

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Wardrobe Ellevi

by Lema

Al Centimetro

Ellevi is a wardrobe with four lacquered coplanar doors with recessed handles. Handles are available in either matching colour or in a different finish. Part of the Ellevi series of versatile wardrobes which can be freely customized and accessorized with a choice of the following: drawers, trouser rack, belt rack, shelves and integrated light. Panels come in either glossy lacquer or different colours. Once again, Lema revolutionises the idea of a wardrobe with LEMA Air Cleaning System. Available only for hinged, coplanar and folding wardrobes, Air Cleaning System is an innovative patent device that transforms the wardrobe from a passive container into an active space where clothing, footwear and personal items undergo a sanitation process. Thanks to the interaction of a nanotechnology with a special UV lamp, the system generates a photocatalytic reaction on the inside which allows to destroy bacteria, smells and moulds (more than 90%) with a natural active principle, reducing allergies and respiratory disorders.

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Wardrobe Ellevi


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