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Whirlpool Bathtub Muse by Jacuzzi

Jacuzzi® presents Muse, a synthesis of the classical and holistic vision of wellness: with its flowing pared-down lines, Muse sets a new aesthetic and technological dimension. The soft profile embracing its top rim is the characteristic feature of this whirlpool bath. Muse is provided with Shiatsu hydromassage: 32 progressive micro-jets arranged along the back, from the cervical to the lumbar zones generate a sequence of pleasurable adjustable water pulses. This type of massage stimulates energy and confers a profound sense of psycho-physical wellbeing. The new TargetPro™ jets can be adjusted directionally to reach specific areas, by simply rotating the nozzles.


Width 180 cm

Depth 90 cm

Height 65 cm


Acrylic and polyurethane
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