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Turkish bath Nonsolodoccia Pro by Glass 1989

Nonsolodoccia Pro is an innovative project by Glass 1989 which brings together the benefits of shower and Turkish bath. It is fitted with a shower tray and a seat in Plylite, a hard-wearing material which is both easy to clean and comfortable. Available in three different colours, Nonsolodoccia Pro comes with an adjustable power supply and a backlit touch control panel which allows easy switch form shower to Turkish bath for a water-saving shower experience in utmost comfort. Nonsolodoccia Pro is designed to be highly versatile and can be customized in various ways according to the space requirements. Nonsolodoccia Pro is furthermore fitted with the new M_Showers shower heads: nine different nozzles which can be used itself or two or more can be joined together.


Dimensions and materials refer to product in the image. To know if other styles are available, contact one of the stores which subscribe to Designbest or request information via the relevant form.

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