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Shower Head Comfort Shower design Sieger Design, 2016

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Shower Head Comfort Shower

by Dornbracht

Private Spa

Comfort Shower is a new shower system by Dornbracht that offers maximum relaxation because it lets you shower while sitting down. Comfort Shower is fitted with Smart Tools by Dornbracht for controlling up the different shower functions: De-Stressing, Balancing and Energizing. Its BigRain shower head is fitted with the WaterFall module with PearlStream. Available in either glossy aluminium with chrome components or brushed steel with matt platinum. It can be complemented by the Leg Shower function: a shower for your legs that summons cold or alternating hot and cold bursts of water at the touch of a button. To enhance the shower experience, a jet of water from each of the two WaterBars pleasantly loosens the upper and lower back while a pouring pipe can also be used for stimulating and massaging Kneipp showers. Comfort Shower options can be controlled up by Smart Tools.

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Shower Head Comfort Shower


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