Armoured Door 883 - Dibidoku


Dibidoku - 015

by DI.BI. Porte Blindate
883 is a series of armoured doors (3rd security class) suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. 883 is available in either a single-leaf version or a double-leaf version with symmetrical or asymmetrical opening of 2 door leaves. The single-leaf version is fitted with steel frame and counter-frame, doorleaf with two galvanized steel sheets, adjustable hinges on three axes, 5 fixed deadbolts and 12 anchors to wall. Thermal and acustic insulation with expanded polyurethane. 883 comes with a double bit lock but can mounte different types of locks. Various finishes, styles and colours are available. The picture above shows the Dibidoku finish in HDF, model 015.

Produt details refer to the picture

Armoured Door 883 - Dibidoku


Steel and HDF
Dimensions and materials refer to product in the image. To know if other styles are available, contact one of the stores which subscribe to Designbest or request information via the relevant form.