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Collection Limpha by Casalgrande Padana

Casalgrande Padana presents an innovative porcelain stoneware tiles collection which calls to the lovely aesthetic of vines. Thanks to the special Bios Self Cleaning® technology, when hit by the sun, Limpha is able to break down the pollutants in the air which will be subsequently removed by rainwater. The series is ideal for both new buildings and as wall covering for restorations. The 6,5 mm thick 120x240 cm format is declined in two motifs (Aroborea, Jasmine) and, from 2019, Limpha is also available in the new textures Coral Rose and Helix. Bios Antibacterial® is the exclusive silver-based treatment Casalgrande Padana applies to its tiles, and which is able to eliminate 99% of the bacteria present on the ceramic surface. The protective shield formed by Bios Antibacterial® is always active, day and night, with or without sunlight, and does not require UV rays for activation.


Porcelain stoneware
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