Kitchen b1

by Bulthaup
The Bulthaup b1 kitchen reduces functions intelligently and essentially and consists of independent elements: the island, the wall composition and the block of columns. The island, characterized by its cantilevered top in solid maple or walnut, is the heart of the kitchen, a work place and communication centre, which integrates functions such as water point, burners, preparation and cooking area, as well as suitable storage spaces. The composition, which can be positioned at will along the wall and is composed of open elements with sliding glass doors, collects the storage functions, while the full-height column encloses the built-in appliances. The worktop, available in laminate and stainless steel, has the right proportions with respect to the project as a whole and is the load-bearing base on which the sink and burners are mounted. b1 is available in the various finishes available in the catalogue.