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Kitchen K5 by Boffi - kitchens

K5 is a self-contained kitchen with stainless steel doors and a sliding counter top in solid natural elm. K5 is part of the "K" series of kitchens designed by Norbert Wangen, which comes in three models with the same design but with different sizes: K5, K6, K2.2. The block houses a hob and sinks with stainless steel taps and fittings, an oven, a refrigerator, a dishwasher, a sideboard and doors with drawers. The doors, when closed, form a complete block, but just slide the stainless steel or wooden top to the side or rear to create a table to be used as a bar counter or as a dining area. Doors and panels are made of Ecowood veneered wood in various colours, Scotch Brite brushed stainless steel, Glacier White Corian®. External sliding top in brushed Scotch Brite stainless steel, Glacier White Corian®, eco-wood in various colours, natural solid elm wood, heat-treated ash, Canaletto walnut.


Stainless steel
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