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Table Dry by Alias

Thirty years after it was originally designed, Dry is once again at the top of its game, a striking example of the brand’s ability to combine a delicate style and cutting-edge technology. Designed by Alberto Meda for Alias, Dry was created starting from an extremely synthetic zoomorphic shape, a knot that solves the anchoring of the two legs and supports of the top. The elegant aluminium base unfolds in a seductive shape thanks to a joint that becomes the key detail of the entire project. The glass top solves the functionality of the object and its aesthetic component in a single element, allowing a glimpse of the beauty of the structure. Compared to the original project, the new designed has been revisited in the geometry of the legs, which now allow you to manage two heights (73 and 45 cm), and in the attachment between the structure and the glass top, which is bound for safety reasons.


Aluminium and glass
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