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Table Creso by Acerbis International

CRESO is a table made of a large diameter column with a small metal capital. The base is finished with different prestigious handmade materials such as encaustic (venetian stucco), gilt and silvering applied manually using the age old application system of leaves laid on a bole or indigo size or Fresco (cementitious paste with special resins and pigments). In alternative the base could be clad by polished reflecting inox steel. The glass top, screwed to the base by a stainless steel disc, can be in transparent glass or sandblasted extraclear glass of 15 mm thickness, or in tempered glass of 12 mm transparent grey or sandblasted grey.


Diameter 160 cm

Height 72 cm


Marble and metal
Dimensions and materials refer to product in the image. To know if other styles are available, contact one of the stores which subscribe to Designbest or request information via the relevant form.

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