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Arrangement Life [b] by Acerbis International

LIFE [B] is a system consisting of a series of panels acting as boiserie. Cubic cabinets can be hung to them using special spacers, fitted with light sources, or glass shelves can be fitted in the millings. Base units of varying length complete the system. Panels and cube’s doors are in matt or polished lacquered finish (various colours). Bases also available in natural or brown oak wood. Bases also available in brown oak wood or lauro preto. Advertised in the picture is the white polished lacquered wall composed by wainscoting with light sources, five cube wall cupboards with swing door, one base with flap door and three transparent crystal shelves.


Dimensions and materials refer to product in the image. To know if other styles are available, contact one of the stores which subscribe to Designbest or request information via the relevant form.

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